I started going to clubs in the late 80's and I got into dancing and the djing. Soon after I started wondering why the music never stopped. I asked the DJ ( Randy Croft ) how he did it. The answer he gave me was way over my head at the time. Shortly after I started collecting house, Reggae, Hip Hop,Dub,soul and Hip house records. I saved my money for a turntable ( belt drive ), CD player and a mixer. I started counting bpms on the CD's and records. I learned to match beats and scratch at the age of sixteen. In a few years I could afford another turntable.

1992 rolled around and I began getting into breaks and Danchall (old school Jungle and drum and bass). Records such as Suburban Bass ( Shot in the dark ) Stamina, Limb by limb(Bizzy B Remix) and any other white labels and promos I could get my hands on from the UK Jungles underground. Soon after I helped start the underground dance scene in Houston and became a well known Dj along side a hand full of great talent. DJs like Chris Anderson, Andrei Morant, DVS1, Roll DJ , The Lord Vishnu , Baby C, C plus, Rebel Crew, Audio 3 and many other good dj's from around the world.

As the years progressed I have played all over Texas on a daily and weekly basis , I did a few shows with Mix Master Mike (Beastie Boys Dj and Formly The world Famous Invisible Scatch pickles ) Short Cut and Dj Wiz in Houston and many other Turtablist. I was Invited to move out the S.F. bye Stefan (Mix Masters Mikes Manager) and Bruno of Naked Music so I did. I moved to San Francisco for some years and did a show with Q bert , Finger Bangerz ,Flare, Coop Daville , Jah Wizer and many more amazing djs and producers from the Bay.

Since 2006 I live in Romania and look towards expanding my love of music and culture and being able to perform for people all over the world as a DJ / Turntablist and Artist .Allways looking for new Things to vibe on , God Bless , One Love.