It was early 80's when I started collecting records as a youth and wanting to learn to blend mix them together. While learning the art of mixing I xperimented with many genres including New Wave, Hi-NRG, Top 40 Dance, Hip Hop, Rave. It was early 90's when the funky dope beats and high pitched samples of UK Breakbeat came on the scene that I began to take music seriously as a DJ and as a listener. By 94 I was spinning Ragga Jungle and getting exposure to reggae & dancehall through samples used in Ragga. In 95 met BMC a member of Tha Purrin Lion and got invited to Houston to check out the scene and spin on 90.1 KPFT Force FM the first and only jungle radio in the state hosted by DVS1 and Lord Vishnu of Tha Purrin Lion.

Since then I've been spinning for Tha Purrin Lion for 10 Years and consider it one of my biggest breaks, Houston is now my hometown and has been great for getting exposure and a pleasure spinning for.

Since 2000 I've been spinning Dancehall and Reggae exclusively in Houston with 3 other crewmates AKA The Blunted Crew I also host a Dancehall webcast on Mondays with Steve Swift AKA Rugged FM thanks to the Vinylbeats crew for that.