With a dancehall toast-feel, Purrin Lion Sound Flex Crew's most enjoyed and requested MC and DJ delivers rapid-fire, fierce lyrics on the microphone effortlessly even over his own DJed sets. Steve Swift drops verses to his riddims with an ol' school hip-hop flow and has urbanized an all-in-one dancehall party-style that can get any a crowd a little hyper and a "lil' louda!"

Steve Swift was focused on developing a strong musical background, so this South Texas maverick made his way north to attend The Art Institute of Houston in early 1994. By 1997, Steve Swift had hooked up with a local hard rock/hip hop group called Aftershock as their drummer. That summer Steve Swift caught the junglistic feva through agile turntablist Audio 3, who was doubling as the band's DJ.

On the side, Audio 3 had veered from his hip-hop roots to play ragga and jungle tunes. Now all that was needed was a toasting MC to complement this selecta. And, Steve Swift had an inclination for dancehall, reggae and the microphone. So, Audio 3 encouraged Steve Swift to step up to the mic and take his reggae-tinged jungle to another level. Months later, as Aftershock was dissolving, both Steve Swift and Audio 3 joined H-town's forefront junglist crew, Purrin Lion Sound Flex Crew.

Much sought after, Steve Swift has MCed as Audio 3's cohort and over such drum & bass icons as AK1200, Bad Company, Source Direct & Instrumental, Rinse & Flux, Pressa, UFO!, Mickey Finn, DB, Dara, Red One and Dieselboy. And, Steve Swift has MCed alongside MC Jamalski, TC Islam and MC Five Alive. In 1999, Steve Swift teamed up with Purrin Lion's pride and Ireland's Bass Odyssey to perform at the coveted SXSW Music Showcase. Making the rounds, Steve Swift has also performed in Hawaii, Chicago and Tennessee. Steve Swift was one of the featured MCs on Audio 3's audibly pleasing debut mix CD, Audio Tactics (2001).

Steve Swift has since taken to the decks. Steve Swift began DJing faded beats-dancehall, reggae, dub and hip-hop. In 2001, he hosted his own weekly Internet broadcast reggae radio show on Pleasure Dome [www.pdomeradio.com]. With Audio 3 at his side, Steve Swift was also a resident MC and DJ at Static [www.ClubHyperia.com], a Houston d&b night in 2002. He also doubles as an MC and DJ for a reggae sound system, Catman Sounds. Steve Swift has DJed at local reggae shows and festivals with Sean Paul, Lady Saw, Elephant Man, Spragga Benz, Luciano, a cultural reggae singer, and rising star Jr. Kelly.