After killing off the dinosaurs using only a newspaper and some foul language, Brad Slack began his dj career. He spun mostly in caves and at campgrounds to begin. Quickly he began working his way through the scene and eventually got his big break opening for the Mayans. He was the only survivor left after the party so he didn't get paid. It was a bittersweet moment in his career but he did not let that stop him. Soon he got another big break, becoming Jesus' main tour dj. There were some tough times and after the resurrection tour, he decided to leave, saying " just wasn't the same." He traveled around the world djing battles here and there til finally he met up with The Knights Templar. After going deeper into the underground scene with these guys he decided to go into the studio and focus on production working with such people as Mozart and Beethoven. "Bach was a dick," Brad is quoted as saying. He eventually went back underground with The Knights Templar and stayed there for centuries.

After hustling ten years on the decks, Brad Slack has arrived. Brad came back to his first love, DJing drum & bass, after courting several other music genres. With d&b back in his life, he was honored with a membership to the world famous Purrin Lion Sound Flex Crew of DJs based in Houston, Texas. In 1999, he was given a rare opportunity by Houston club owner, Neil Heller, to spearhead a local d&b weekly. He joined up with Audio 3 and crew to take their weekly, Static, to the next level at a bigger venue, Club Hyperia. Since then Brad has produced some of the biggest local d&b events. He has booked a who's who of artist such as Andy C, Marcus Intalex, DJ Lee, High Contrast, London Elektricity, and the list goes on. Currently this die-hard junglist continues to support events, has begun producing and, most importantly, refocused on his love, DJing d&b.