15 year-old Lionel Gonzalez started spinning hip-hop at house parties. He experimented with some reggae, new wave, and house sounds, but always stayed true to hip-hop. His command of the decks lead him (aka Audio 3) to DJ for Planet Shock, a promising hard rock/hip hop, urban rhythmic band in Houston. For the next two years, they were riding high, getting offers for record deals, touring the West Coast and playing with Ice T's Body Count. Soon after the band's break-up in 1994, a remnant band Aftershock emerged only to set the stage for Audio 3's new chapter.

A definite highlight of the night was DJ/turntablist Audio 3's wrist-of-fury tagged jungle set with SDF-3 as he impressed trainspotters with his bag o'tricks.

- Urb Magazine, 2000.

One of Houston's underrated and overlooked DJs that has been representing jungle and hip-hop styles properly. Combining tight scratching and mixing skills with a prime selection of cuts.

- Soul Fusion, 1998

That same year he discovered jungle, crewmates and lyrical MC Swift. "I got tired of the same ol' hip hop samples and I didn't like house," Audio 3 explains. Local DJ Wisc played some '94 ragga tunes for him and he was hooked. "I liked the concept of mixing reggae basslines and having a club-feel to it," he fathoms, "The rolling snares and drums really boosted reggae to the next level." Now all that was needed was a toasting MC to complement this selecta. Swift was the drummer in Aftershock with an inclination for dancehall/reggae and the microphone. Dropping verses in an old school hip-hop flow, MC Swift developed a party-style that would get the crowd hype for Audio 3's demanding sets.

While playing familiar hip-hop tracks with DJ Vishnu at Dub House in 1995, Audio 3 met H-town's forefront junglists, Purrin Lion Sound Flex Crew. Audio 3 had never been to a rave until he spun at one. He has been billed alongside Andy C, Dara, Diesel Boy, U.F.O, Bad Company, LTJ Bukem, Marcus Intalex, AK1200, Dj Rap, Africa Bambaataa, Roc Raida, Dj Craze, Flex, John B, Aphrodite, Stakka and Skynet, TC Islam, and was included on the Ninja Tune Tour '98 in Houston. In 1999, Audio 3 and MC Swift performed at the coveted SXSW Music Showcase. In 2000, Audio 3 was awarded with Houston Press Reader's Choice "Best DJ". He made his eminent debut with mix tape Audio Tactics. An aural pleasure, Side A is a jump-up mix with superior scratchin', while Side B is a true dark-stepper featuring Purrin Lion MCs Swift and Gremlin rollin' and controllin' on the mic. Then to keep up the pace, Audio 3 and Swift launched a d&b/dancehall weekly called "Static" at now-defunct Club Waxx in 2000. DJs Classic (Brad Slack) and Blaze later joined the duo, and relocated the night to Club Hyperia. Having the benefit of an incredible sound system and lighting, the night quickly grew in popularity. Some of d&b's greatest DJs, producers and tours, such as the LTJ Bukem, Marcus Intalex, and Planet of the Drums Tour, thanks to Hyperia's Neil Heller, came through at Static.